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Bail ó Dhia ort!

"The love of Christ gave me to the Irish, to serve them humbly and sincerely for my entire lifetime, if I am found worthy" (Saint Patrick)  

Tim and Kristina are your church planting Foursquare missionaries in Galway, Ireland. Both are graduates of LIFE Bible College-East and are ordained ministers in the Foursquare Church. In their 18 years of vocational ministry,Tim and Kristina have served as youth pastors, lead pastors and church planters in both the Southeast and Northeast Districts.

Prior to coming to Ireland, in 2011, Tim and Kristina planted and pastored The Bridge in Groton, CT. During this time, Tim served as Divisional Superintendent for the state of Connecticut and both served as District church planting coaches and assessors.

The heart of the O'Toole's ministry is to come alongside to serve the people of Galway through their volunteer initiative: Serve the City Galway. By reaching out to their community through acts of kindness, they're able to show God's love in practical ways - with no strings attached. 

Along with serving practically, Tim and Kristina are also using their passion, training and experience to disciple other disciple-making Christians and to train Irish Believers to plant and pastor Irish churches.

Tim and Kristina have two children: Elijah and Maddy, who along with their dad and mum, love life in Ireland!!

Timothy- July 19
Kristina- March 7

Elijah- Feb 13
Maddy- July 24

June 4



BECOME A PRAYER PARTNER- We need faithful prayer warriors and intercessors to pray for us as we live and minister in the Irish culture. Your commitment to prayer will help ensure that we are protected and sustained. To become a prayer partner, email us at: 

"One more thing, friends: pray for us. Pray that the Master's Word will simply take off and race through the country to a ground- swell of response, just as it did among you." 2 Thessalonians 3:1

BECOME A SUPPORT  PARTNER- Your financial commitment to church planting in Ireland will ensure that the unreached people hear God's message of reconciliation and that the foundations of past generations are restored through indigenous Irish churches!

"Every Christian who is not called to preach is called to send other Christians  to do so." (John Blanchard)

Connect with us at

*Please check out our video documenting our story and ministry here in Galway, Ireland. Our hope is that you'll see Ireland through a different lens and get a sense of God's heart for this beautiful nation.. 

3 minute trailer

30 minute documentary

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Life in Galway, Ireland
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