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Missions in Asia

"Great gains" is the key phrase to describe all that has occurred in Asia in 2008. Foursquare Japan reported a 225 percent increase in the number of individuals that became licensed or ordained and Foursquare Bangladesh doubled its number of churches. Foursquare Cambodia reports that more than 2,600 churches are ministering to 400,000 people throughout the nation and a multi-purpose ministry center was opened in Bangkok, Thailand a site where many will be trained and ministered to. This is only a brief snapshot of the many advances that have taken place in Asia.

Missionaries In Region

Kathy Alexander
South Korea                                        

Kathy serves the Lord through missions in South Korea. 

Kathy's Page | Projects in Need

Mike and Bee Arter

The Arters are serving the Lord in Thailand. 

Mike & Bee's Page | Projects in Need

Alex and Brook Blanton

The Blantons serve the Lord in Thailand.

Alex & Brook's Page | Projects in Need



Ron and Debra Brown
Papua New Guinea                   

Ron is the general supervisor for City Mission PNG and oversees the ministry both in Moresby and in Lae.

Ron & Debra's Page | Projects in Need


Sarah Boone

Sarah serves the Lord in Thailand.

Sarah's Page | Projects in Need


Jeff and Patsy Gilliland
Papua New Guinea                   

Jeff and Patsy are raising funds to serve in Port Moresby, PNG under Ron and Debra Brown and Area Missionary Jerry Stott.

Jeff and Patsy's Page

George and Joyce Butron

In 2003 they returned to Singapore, where they serve eight nations in southeast Asia with over 4000 churches and ministries. George also functions as the FMI representative to the Asia-Pacific region.

George & Joyce's Page | Projects in Need

Chris and Apple Curry
High Risk Country

Chris and Apple serve the Lord in a high risk country. 

Chris & Apple's Page Projects in Need

Corey and Lisa*

In September of 2003, Corey assumed the role of FMI area missionary for north Asia.

Corey & Lisa's Page | Projects in Need

Cesar and Anna Crisostomo

The Crisostomos are serving the Lord through missions in Guam.

Cesar & Anna's Page | Projects in Need

South Pacific

Becky is serving the Lord in a high risk country. 

Becky's Page Projects in Need

Rebecca Davis

Rebecca currently is raising support to serve the "slum children" in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Rebecca's Page Projects in Need

Daniel and Zina Docto

The Doctos are serving the Lord through missions in Thailand.

Daniel & Zina's Page | Projects in Need

Nolan and Judy Galido

Nolan and Judy are church planting in Quezon City, Philippines.

Nolan & Judy's Page | Projects in Need

Don and Lynette Garces

Garces are serving the Lord in the Philippines.

Don & Lynette's Page | Projects in Need

Neill and Diana Gilbert

Neill and Diana currently oversee the operations of the Home of Hope home for at-risk children and the Oasis coffee shop in Mae Sot, Thailand.

Neil & Diana's Page | Projects in Need

Paul and Carina Greer
Papua New Guinea

Paul and Carina each received the call to missions during their adolescent years, and in 2008, after years of prayer and preparation, they moved to Papua New Guinea to serve as missionaries.

Paul & Carina's Page | Projects in Need

Joy Hanson
New Zealand

Joy is serving the Lord in New Zealand.

Joy's Page | Projects in Need

Gary and Paula Hays

The Hays are serving the Lord in Thailand.

Gary & Paula's Page | Projects in Need

Kelly and Angela Hilderbrand

In 1999, the Hilderbrand family with their two sons moved to Bangkok, Thailand to begin an exciting new work.

Kelly & Angela's Page | Projects in Need


They are serving in North Asia with a vision to develop leaders, plant and mobilize churches. They are currently raising support.

JAD's Page | Projects in Need

Jerry and Julie

Jerry and Julie have served together in the ministry since they were married in 1984.

Jerry & Julie's Page | Projects in Need

Ann Lantry

Ann is raising support to serve in Osaka, Japan.

Ann's Page


Steve and Beth Lavooi

They have five children and are in the process of planting a church in central Kaohsiung.

Steve & Beth's Page | Projects in Need

Jeff and Naoko MacKay

The Foursquare Church in Japan has doubled its number of churches and tripled its number of licensed and ordained ministers in the last five years.

Jeff & Naoko's Page | Projects in Need

Steve Niksarian

Steve went to Japan in 2001 to help plant a church in the city of Sendai, which is about 150 miles north of Tokyo.

Steve's Page | Projects in Need

Ted and Sou Olbrich

Through there amazing ministry hundreds of churches have been planted, and thousands of orphans are being cared for.

Ted & Sou's Page | Projects in Need

Andy and Tina Opie

The Opies are serving the Lord in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Andy & Tina's Page | Projects in Need

Cary and Chisako Oshiro Japan                                                                   

Cary and Chisako are working in Okinawa, Japan, to plant a church.

Cary & Chisako's Page | Projects in Need

Perry and Hannah*
High Risk Country

Perry and Hannah are serving the Lord in a high risk country.  

Perry & Hannah's Page Projects in Need

Bryant and Patty Sabandal

Bryant and Patty are serving as missionaries in the Philippines.

Bryant & Patty's Page | Projects in Need

Jim and Kathy Shiflett
Hong Kong

They are church-planting mentors and helping to establish a new Foursquare church.

Jim & Kathy's Page | Projects in Need

Terry and Connie*
South East Asia

They are serving the Lord in South Asia.

Terry & Connie's Page | Projects in Need

Sam Tolle

Sam is serving the Lord in Cambodia.  He is hosting teams and international guests while helping assist with conveying what's happening in Cambodia through media. 

Sam's Page Projects in Need

Kirt and Denise Triche
Papua New Guinea                                                             

Kirt and Denise are serving the Lord in Papua New Guinea.

Kirt & Denise's Page  |Projects in Need

Paul and Lori Vernon

Paul and Lori Vernon, along with their daughters Abigail and Izabel, are serving as Foursquare missionaries to the Akha people of southeast Asia.

Paul & Lori's Page | Projects in Need


Wayne and Sarah*
High Risk Country

Wayne and Sarah are area missionaries serving in a high risk country. 

Wayne & Sarah's Page Projects in Need

Michael and Michiyo Williams - Japan                                                         

They are serving at the Hakodate, Japan Foursquare church assisting with evangelism and leadership development.

Michael & Michiyo's Page | Projects in Need

Renee Williams Japan                                                                           

Renee is serving the Lord in Japan.

Renee's Page | Projects in Need

Emily Wood

Emily is serving the Lord in Singapore. 

Emily's Page Projects in Need


Keren is serving the Lord in a high security country. 

Keren's Page Projects in Need


Ronnie is serving the Lord in a high security country. 

Ronnie's PageProjects in Need



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