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Missions in Europe

Though it is true that many in Europe have a secular post-Christian mindset the Father is at work all over the continent. Emerging leaders have been identified in Poland and as a result a strong network of leaders is in the process of being developed, students in Russia gathered and were strengthened in their faith at a summer camp and a new Bible college was opened in Sochi, Russia.


Missionaries In Region 

David and Susan Ballantyne

Their goal is to open up a new Foursquare ministry base in the nation of Hungary and to continue to serve Foursquare churches.

David & Susan's Page | Projects in Need

Steve and Kim Cecil
Sochi, Russia

The Cecils will be assisting the national church traveling to churches throughout Russia mentoring and offering practical training in church multiplication and missions.

Steve & Kim's Page | Projects in Need

Chris and Laura Dakas

The Dakases moved to Albania in 1991. Their ministry includes training indigenous Christians in developing their gifts to better share the gospel.     

Chris & Laura's Page | Projects in Need

Beth Delaney

Beth currently serves in Cork, Ireland at an interdenominational cafe and outreach center.

Beth's Page | Projects in Need

Francois and Nathalie Gendron

The Gendrons can confirm that the faithfulness of God is renewed every morning and His grace is spread upon their lives.


Francois & Nathalie's Page | Projects in Need

Adam and Sarah Hartel

The Hartels serve in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Adam & Sarah's Page | Projects in Need

Denise Johnson

As a Foursquare missionary Denise will be establishing a ministry center which will include an Internet cafe, bookstore and training facility to disciple believers and train leaders.

Denise's Page | Projects in Need


For security reasons we cannot list her ministry country.

Lindsey has served in her current location since 2007 with the goal of reaching out to those around her with God's love through various outreach projects and relationships.

Lindsey's Page | Projects in Need

Sean and Vita Mason
They will continue pastoring the church in Korce as well as assist the Dakases at The Stephen Center.                                                                                  

Sean & Vita's Page | Projects in Need

Joel and Keturah Mayer

Joel and Keturah are serving the Lord through missions in Tallinn, Estonia.                                                                                   

Joel & Keturah's Page | Projects in Need

Anna Marie Mazzone

Anna Marie is serving the Lord in Frankfurt, Germany.   

Anna Marie's Page | Projects in Need

Michael and Karen McDonald

Michael and Karen McDonald have been in Russia since early 2004 developing relationships, discipling new believers and mentoring young leaders.

Michael and Karen's Page | Projects in Need

Travis and Alexis Mielonen
Krakow, Poland                                    
Travis and Alexis are raising support to serve the Lord in Poland.

Travis and Alexis' Page | Projects in Need

Dianne Parcher
Tours, France                  
Dianne serves as a missionary in France.        

Dianne's Page | Projects in Need

Jeff and Debbie Roper

The Ropers have served as pastors for many years, In 2007 they were appointed to the position of regional representative to Europe by Foursquare Missions.         

Jeff & Debbie's Page | Projects in Need

For security reasons we cannot list her ministry country.

Sandra has been serving with Foursquare Missions since 2001.

Sandra's Page| Projects in Need


James and Nikki Scott

In 2006 they moved to the city of Plovdiv to plant a church. Their work in Plovdiv includes working with orphans and operating a halfway house.    

James & Nikki's Page | Projects in Need

Dave and Mindy Sebens

The Sebens have been missionaries to Eastern Europe for fourteen years. At present, David and Mindy reside in Szeged, Hungary. 


Dave and Mindy's Page | Projects in Need

Ken and Linda Stapleton
Czech Republic                           

Ken and Linda have traveled to the Czech Republic leading short-term teams since 1994. They have been faithfully serving the Lord in the Czech Republic.     

Ken & Linda's Page | Projects in Need

Brett and Tammy Toft

The Tofts accepted the invitation of Foursquare Missions to serve in Estonia, and to ultimately establish Foursquare churches in nations throughout the Baltic/Scandinavian region.                                       

Brett & Tammy's Page | Projects in Need

Tim and Kristina O'Toole

Tim and Kristina serve as missionaries to Ireland. The O'Toole are involved in starting a church-planting movement through Foursquare Missions and community outreach through their Serve the City--Galway volunteer initiative. 

Tim & Kristina's Page | Projects in Need

Sarah and Andrew Hamilton

Andrew and Sarah Hamilton

Andrew and Sarah will reach out to the city of Glasgow. 

Andrew and Sarah's Page | Projects in Need

Sarah and Andrew Hamilton

Stephen and Evangelia Larkin

The Larkins will come alongside the existing Foursquare church in Athens with plans to establish a church plant in the area of Nea Smyrni, a suburb of Athens.


Stephen and Evangelia's Page | Projects in Need

 Teresa Repair

Teresa Repair

Teresa will serve as an FMI intern with Foursquare missionaries Steve and Kim Cecil in Sochi.

Teresa's Page | Projects in Need

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